Incredible training from the 2017 Christmas Holiday Workshop, featuring NSDs Robin Rowland and Cindy Williams!

The Package includes ALL of the following training:

"How to Sell the New Holiday Products" with Director Rachael O'Connell

"Holiday Stop 'n' Shop" with Director Gina Shetzer

"12 Days of Christmas Ideas" with Director Heather Cartee

"Selling to Businesses and People You Know" with NSDs Robin Rowland and Cindy Williams

"Holiday Open House" with Director Jill Adair

"Team Building During the Holidays" with NSD Sue Uibel

"Selling to Men" with Senior Director Lyn Huckels

"Putting It All Together" with NSD Robin Rowland

Your purchase includes ALL of the above! When completing your purchase below, please select either downloads or the CD package. This event will be held September 22-24 and downloads and CDS will be ready and delivered approximately 2 weeks later.

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